one hundred Issues to ask oneself For anyone who is a Muslim thinking about marriage or even a non-Muslim considering marrying a Muslim

Currently I answered these one hundred questions. I believe it is crucial to answer these concerns For anyone who is pondering marrying, or remarrying. If you want to view my responses fall me an email at .
one. Exactly what is your concept of marriage?
two. Have you ever been married right before?
3. Have you been married now?
four. Exactly what are your anticipations of marriage?
5. Why have you decided on me/other human being as a potential spouse?
6. What exactly are your aims in everyday life? (long and short term)
7. Discover a few matters that you want to accomplish inside the in close proximity to upcoming.
eight. Determine three issues that you would like to accomplish, long run.
nine. Exactly what is the role of religion in your life now?
10. Do you think you're a spiritual man or woman?
eleven. Exactly what is your idea of an Islamic marriage?
12. What are you expecting of one's partner, religiously?
13. Precisely what is your romance involving you as well as Muslim Group close to you?
14. Are you volunteering in any Islamic actions?
15. What can you provide your partner spiritually?
16. What is the part in the spouse?
17. What's the part in the wife?
18. Would you like to apply polygamy?
Loved ones
19. What exactly is your romantic relationship with Your loved ones?
20. What would you count on your marriage with the family members of one's partner being?
21. What does one be expecting your spouses romance with Your loved ones to get?
22. Is there any individual in Your loved ones residing with you now?
23. Are you currently planning to have anyone in All your family members Are living along with you Sooner or later?
24. If, for almost any cause, my connection with your family turns sour, what need to be finished?
Good friends
twenty five. Who're your pals? (Determine a minimum of a few.)
26. How did you can get to be aware of them?
27. Why are they your buddies?
28. What do you prefer most about them?
29. What will your relationship with them just after relationship be?
thirty. Do you've got buddies of the opposite sexual intercourse?
31. What's the amount of your partnership with them now?
32. What will be the volume of your romantic relationship with them right after marriage?
32. What would be the standard of your romantic relationship with pals following relationship?
33. What sort of relationship Are you interested in your wife or husband to acquire with your mates?
34. What exactly are the things that you are doing as part of your spare time?
35. Do you love to have company in your house for amusement?
36. What exactly are you expecting from a wife or husband when your buddies come to the house?
37. Exactly what is your belief of speaking other languages in house that I never fully grasp? (with pals or family)
38. Does one journey?
39. How can you expend your holidays?
40. How do you Assume your partner should shell out vacations?
41. Does one go through?
42. What does one go through?
43. Soon after marriage, do you believe you are 1 to precise intimate emotions verbally?
forty four. Immediately after marriage, do you think that you might want to specific affection in general public?
forty five. How would you express your admiration for somebody that you understand now?
forty six. How would you express your thoughts to somebody who has finished a favour to suit your needs?
47. Do you prefer to write your thoughts?
48. When you wronged a person, How does one apologize?
49. If someone has wronged you, how Do you need she/he to apologize to you?
50. How much time passes before you decide to can forgive someone?
fifty one. How do you make critical and less important selections in your life?
52. Do you utilize foul language in the home? In general public? With loved ones?
fifty three. Do your mates use foul language?
54. Does All your family members use foul language?
55. How does one Specific anger?
56. How will you anticipate your husband or wife to express anger?
fifty seven. What do you do if you are angry?
58. When do you believe it is appropriate to initiate mediation in relationship?
59. When There exists a dispute in the marriage, spiritual or otherwise, how need to the
conflict get fixed?
60. Determine mental, verbal, psychological and physical abuse.
61. What would you are doing if you felt that you just were abused?
62. Who'd you demand guidance in case you have been being abused?
63. Would you put up with any Persistent ailment or ailment?
64. Do you think you're prepared to take a Bodily Test by a physician just before relationship?
sixty five. What's your comprehension of good well being and diet?
sixty six. How do you help your individual health and nutrition?
sixty seven. What is your definition of wealth?
68. How will you expend cash?
69. How will you spend less?
70. How can you feel that your use of cash will improve after marriage?
71. Do you may have any debts now? If that's so, how are you producing development to reduce them?
72. Do you use charge cards?
seventy three. Does one support the idea of using financial loans to acquire a completely new home?
74. What exactly are you anticipating from the wife or husband economically?
75. What's your economic duty in the wedding?
seventy six. Does one aid the thought of a working wife?
77. If that's the case, How would you Consider a twin-profits spouse and children should really manage funds?
78. Do you now make use of a price range to handle your funds?
seventy nine. Who are the persons to whom you happen to be monetarily liable?
eighty. Do you guidance the thought of making use of baby sitters and/or maids?
Little ones
81. Are you interested in to own youngsters? Otherwise, why?
82. To the very best of your knowledge, have you been ready to have little ones?
83. Do you need to have small children in the 1st two many years of relationship? Otherwise, when?
84. Do you suspect in abortion?
85. Do you may have kids now?
86. Exactly what is your romantic relationship with your children now?
87. What on earth is your partnership with their other mum or dad?
88. What partnership would you hope your partner to obtain with Your kids as well as their father or mother?
89. What is the greatest method(s) of increasing small children?
90. What is the best process(s) of disciplining young children?
91. How had been you elevated?
ninety two. How were being you disciplined?
93. Do you think in spanking small children? Under what situations?
94. Do you believe in community faculty for Your sons or daughters?
95. Do you think in Islamic faculty for your children?
96. Do you think in household education for Your kids?
ninety seven. What type of connection need to Your sons or daughters have with non-Muslim classmates/buddies?
98. Would you send out Your sons or daughters to go to their extended relatives if they lived in Yet another condition or place?
ninety nine. What type of partnership Would you like Your kids to have with all their grandparents?
a srednja masinska skola hundred. If there are actually members of my family members that are not Muslim, which might be of various race or society, what sort of relationship Would you like to acquire with them?
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